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Useful Addresses A guide to the Disfigurement Guidance Centre Information on the medical use of skin lasers
Some information about Eczema from misc.kids Links to other disfigurement resources on the 'net A link to the International SkinLaser Directory
My skinlinks page of useful links on matters cutaneous A brief guide to other organisations Information on Changing Faces A better future for facially disfigured people?

Skinlaser Today which provided a vitally important update on skin laser treatment, technology, management and nursing information in one easily accessible publication, has ceased publication due to the high costs of printing and postage. I am hoping to set up an ideas exchange on this site in the near future, and would welcome contributions from experts in the field who previously submitted articles to the journal. In the meanwhile I will continue indexing the existing journals, and will try to supply extracts on request.

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For help and advice on all matters of Skin Camouflage and Disfigurement Therapy contact the DGC who will be happy to hear from you, but please enclose some postage stamps and an envelope (or three) - they are a charity after all.

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